How to select the right cooler for your home

Selecting the right type of cooler is important in order to ensure you get the maximum use out of it with the right pay. In case you end up purchasing one that isn’t fit your home, it would only be a wastage in terms of money and cost. Here are a few tips to consider when purchasing a cooler;


This basically refers to the level of temperature and humidity of the external or macro environment. Depending on this and other circumstances you choose from evaporative cooling or a portable cooler.  Evaporative chilling spreads throughout the entire house guaranteeing a cool and humid temperature through all rooms. In addition to that if you are living in an area that has summer as a season for almost 95% of the year, you might want to consider the evaporative kind. This is built in a manner to absorb external hot air and convert it into new, clean and cool air. However if you are constantly moving through out or if you are facing other similar situations you might want to consider using the portable kind.

Overall attributes

This is where the specification of the model is considered. What are the features available and what you expect? Add on cooling system is perfect for a house that uses a duct warming system that connects throughout the house, while the traditional kind is perfect to serve a particular space. The former has the ability of easily adjusting with the use of ducts that connect them while the later might not be so flexible. In addition to that you also need to pay attention to the thickness in the pads used for the conditioner. The thicker it is the cooler the air. Be sure to consider the control in the water level and the remote used to operate this.


This is another important factor to be considered. Purchasing a cooler isn’t necessarily inexpensive. And when you do make the decision to purchase be sure to check thoroughly and purchase the right kind that would function well in your home and is also suitable to be used in the type of temperature or climate you are situated in. the cost for maintenance is another costly matter that needs to be considered. In order to save cost buying the most outdated kind wouldn’t help at all, but rather increase your cost on maintenance. So do a thorough check and find the one that is reasonable in terms of price and quality. Make sure you get the kind that comes with an inverter that will certainly help you a lot to reduce the energy usage and through that lower your monthly electricity bill.  This is a more cost effective option. So think twice before you purchase one.

Consider the above and purchase the right cooler for your home!

Why you should move to Geelong, Australia 

The world’s best surfing beaches are in Geelong, Australia. Isn’t it an enough reason to move to this peaceful city which is only an hour away from Melbourne? If driving down the Great Ocean Road everyday excites you and if you are a beach bum who loves the sun and the sand – Geelong is the place for you. Below are four reasons as to why you should move to this calm and serene city.

The Beach

The eastern beach is a fabulous getaway for all the beach lovers. Driving along the great ocean road gives a calming sense of tranquility. If you love a simple life along the coast, Geelong would be an ideal place to live in. Surfers love this city which is located in center of the Corio Bay. Surfing in the sun, before and after work is something you could do just as easily as having breakfast and dinner in Geelong. This laid back city would get you into the routine of an uncomplicated and a peaceful lifestyle.

Less Pollution

The Geelong council is very keen on recycling and responsible disposal of garbage to ensure less pollution around the city. They encourage recycling and the reuse of unwanted stuff, such as household appliances. If you’re hosting an event and a large amount of waste material is expected, you could hire skips (large waste bins) of any size through skip hire Geelong, for the council would see to it that they are collected each week. Pollution due to bushfires and coal mining is a huge problem in Australia and The Geelong Sustainability Group runs a number projects to reduce pollution.

Housing and Cost of Living

Geelong offers housing at a very affordable rate. The cost of living is lower than that of Melbourne. It is a perfect place to start a family because of the closely knit community and the slight feel of the city you get to experience. The coastal, the inner city and the suburban areas are the best areas to live for they offer picturesque sceneries and comfortable living. From child care to skip hire Geelong for an event you’re having is completely trouble-free and easy. This is another reason for you to move to Geelong.

Peacefulness and Tranquility 

If you are tired of the buzz and the hectic pace of the city, move to Geelong. It will offer you the exact opposite. There is very less commotion and there is absolutely no traffic. Since Melbourne is just an hour away, one could enjoy living here. Even though the city becomes alive with its perky cafes and restaurants for tourists – the unruffled, untroubled and the undisturbed environment never really goes away.

If you are desperately seeking a blissful, secure and a harmonious place to live, start your life in Geelong, Victoria.