Perfecting the business visit

Often businesses carry out certain company analysis to identify synergies within between organizations which can be profitable for the parties joining. Obviously, these businesses may not be in the same destination. At times, these may be in two different continents. In situations such like this, you may have to arrange a business partner meeting by inviting a BOD member to the country on a business visit. This is a long-term investment which will increase revenue in the long run. As the hosting business, you need to make sure to arrange proper facilities for the guests.

Rest house

One of the main things that you need to decide is the place that you wish to provide accommodation for the business partner. This should be a place that is commercially equipped with proper city infrastructure and quick access to public transportation modes and services such as medical, laundry, restaurant, security. For this, you could speak to a few corporate business partners who have conducted a business visit at a previous date and be open to know about their approach in dealing with such instances. For instance, if your business is based or near to Geeglong you can ideally look for serviced apartments in geelong which can provide a star class experience for your potential business partner.  This will create a positive perception about your company in the mind of your visitor which will help him encourage his BOD to accept the deal with your company.

Sight seeing

In addition to maintaining a corporate relationship during the visit, it would be an ice-breaker to provide a certain level of entertainment and thrill to the visitor by showing him around the city or even taking him around the country to visit a few important landmarks. This will help both parties relax and loosen up a little. Sight-seeing will allow the business partner to know about the culture, tradition, language and practices followed by our country. This will give them a broader understanding on how they should prepare and face different challenges during the transition time.

The date selected

This is another important aspect that should be considered when planning the foreign venture visit. The dates that are selected should not fall on national commemorative or days of special events of the nation. This would be greatly inconvenienced especially when you must storm through traffic blocks trying to move from point A to B. Another season that you should avoid is the Christmas season. One of the busiest seasons in the calendar. It is better to avoid having any corporate visits during such seasons.

Writen by Carroll Ponce

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